Newfoundland: Experiencing Fun Things to do

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I found Newfoundland to be unique than the rest of the parts of Canada. Trust me when I say that it is a great place to explore. As a matter of fact, the locals are so friendly and hospitable that you are never going to feel out of place. There are various kinds of things to do and see in here. Take a quick look at some of them.

Explore the Village

The Cupers Cove had been established by John Guy for almost 400 years. The view that it offers is just spectacular. It is situated at the center of the Conception Bay on the east coast of Newfoundland. It is a historical site that displays the life of John Guy. This is the best place to visit with your partner.

Check out the Pop-Art House

There is a small community that I came across at the entrance of the Newfoundland harbor. It had been developed as the temporary resident following the devastating fire. The colors of the houses are bright and eye-popping. I and my partner went hiking. It was a unique experience. Get to know about the culture and habits of the local people.

Learn About the Lighthouse

Being developed in 1843, the symbolic white and red striped lighthouse at the dark-grey rock is a great sight to behold. This is one amongst the handfuls that still remains in the world. Climbing the top, we were able to see the light that is fueled by oil. This was used during ancient times. It marked the entrance of Trinity and Bonavista bays for helping out mariners who were headed to Labrador. Standing on top, you will also get to see the blue water. Spend some time quite a time here. I was told about this place as a recommended place to visit by a chiropractor friend in Anchorage who runs Alaska Back Care Center.  Dr. Barry is an avid traveler and had mentioned this stop to me and I am so glad to have committed to visiting.  This was surely worth the visit.

Experience the Best of Northern Thailand at Chiang Rai

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After visiting Chiang Mai our next destination was none other than Chiang Rai. Talks about the city’s street markets and scenic views made us stay back in Chiang Rai for an entire weekend. The place had lots of ancient religious sites that attract students and scholars from all over Asia. Also of significance are the city’s spa resorts, restaurants, and boutique homes that offer high-quality service to the tourist community. Explained below are the best sites to halt at if you are in Chiang Rai,

Wat Rong Khun

Wat Rong Khun is the major landmark of Chiang Rai that brings many visitors to this Thai city. Popularly known as the White Temple, the structure was created exquisitely to impress the tourists. Visiting the place gave us the impression of entering into a fairyland. Right from the bridge across the temple’s garden pool to the fire-breathing dragons on the bargeboard of the roof, everything is carved in pure white. Inside the Wat, there are many sculptures and carvings of modern entities and celebrities. We paid an entry fee of 100 baht to tour the entire place and it was truly incredible.

Mae Fah Luang Art & Culture Park

Mae Fah Luang Art & Culture Center is one of the top sightseeing destinations in Chiang Rai. The admission fee is 200 baht per person and the tour can keep you engaged for several hours. Here we saw an amazing collection of Lanna artifacts and folk art. Also, the site has a beautiful collection of mature trees, native plants, and flowering shrubs that make the park look as colorful as a botanical garden. Besides the stunning landscaped gardens, the teakwood museum and the cultural artifacts are truly praiseworthy.

Elephant Valley Thailand

Elephant valley Thailand is a beautiful elephant sanctuary that rescues and rehabilitates elephants that were mistreated or abused for commercial purposes like riding and hauling logs. Visiting the place gave me an opportunity to interact closely with Asian elephants and learn how attached they are with nature and humans. The staff and caretakers were very informative and helped us feed the elephants and take pictures with them.

Greensboro: A City of Museums and Colleges

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Greensboro is a North Carolina city, known for its science center as well as a hands-on museum. It also has a rich history whose artifacts and landmarks can be found across the city in different places.

History of Greensboro

I discovered that the town was once contact point of Revolutionary armies of America and the British when the movements pushed for independence in the latter part of the 18th century.  There are several monuments and battlefields to discover in the outer districts of the city, especially when the Civil War came about. 

Places to Visit

I enjoyed seeing the sharks and red pandas at the Greensboro Science Center. The National military park at Guilford courthouse also has several artifacts and exhibits of American Revolution where one can see the interactive exhibits as well as check out the video re-enactments which showcase the struggle for civil rights. 

Among the outdoor places here, Bog Garden is a wetlands area I enjoyed visiting which has a boardwalk that is elevated with birds and flowers. If you are traveling here with children, Wet’n Wild has a water park at Emerald Pointe where there is a wave pool, slides, cabanas and a kids’ pool. 

I also stopped by Elsewhere, it being a living art museum that brings out the artistic side of locals and visitors. Piece de resistance is a new theme here which I explored through the different art collections here. I also visited Art Alliance which is an art school for the community that offers workshops, art camps in summer and pottery classes in Greensboro as well as in communities around. 

Eateries to Stop by 

There are several cafes to stop by here such as Tate Street coffee house which offers unique brews, vegan sandwiches and homemade cakes. College Hill here has several fine dining destinations as well as places where one can hear jazz nights.

Dunedin – An Exotic Heritage City

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Dunedin is one of the most historic cities in New Zealand. It has several monumental attractions that speak about its rich heritage. Besides historic sites, the city is also popular for its exotic gardens, parks, museum, and animal conservatories. There are also a few beaches that are equally spectacular. Our stay in Dunedin was truly adventurous and we had a great time visiting the places mentioned below:

Larnach Castle and Gardens

Visiting the enchanting Larnach Castle was one of the most memorable outing experiences of our Dunedin holiday. It is a mock castle built in 19th century by a merchant baron named William Larnach. The castle sits on a 35-acre ground and offers an amazing view of its natural surroundings. The gardens around the castle are full of exotic trees and flowering plants. The place is quite tranquil and ideal for a family picnic. For adults, the entry fee is 34.00 NZD per person and for kids, it is just 12.00 NZD.

Toitu Otago Settlers Museum

Located at 31 Queens Garden, the Toitu Otago Settlers Museum is one of the most-visited places in the city. The museum is all about regional history and houses an interesting collection of relics and artifacts that speak about the old Otago Province and nearby areas. This includes a portrait gallery and a display of early digital technology equipment and former transport systems.

The Royal Albatross Centre

Located on Harrington Point Road, the Royal Albatross Centre is a breeding colony of giant albatross. The bird reserve is one of a kind and has been recognized worldwide for its well-preserved wildlife environment. We were offered a guided tour and the staff members were quite friendly and helped us with lots of information about albatrosses and their amazing lifecycle. It was a delight to watch these birds flying around with their giant wings. Visiting this site was definitely the best part of our weekend tour.

Debrecen – The City That Got Ressurected

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This city is the second largest city in Hungary as it is not conversely any hills it any water bodies around it. It is a plain valley making its largest scale. This once was the former capital of Hungary. This is filled with many churches and is known to be the most Blessed city. There are several small villages inside the city, it is filled with small huts and vibrant color schemes around the city. The city houses many universities and has the most amount of student population around. The city must be visited at least once by the visitors. Here are some places you can visit.

Nagyerdei Park

The park is very famous among tourists. The park has many fountains and many small lakes that you might enjoy a lot. The old water tower is situated in the middle of the park and it houses the townhouse café, which is famous for its frappes in almost 50 flavors. The park is filled with walking roads and stepping stones. You will find very old and tall trees too. The scanter lake in the park is surrounded by trees and paths for you to stroll and enjoy the scenic beauty around it. The entry to the park is obviously free and you can roam around for however long you want to.

Debrecen Zoo and Botanical Garden

The zoo is very famous among the tourists and also the locale. It is better to visit here in the summers as you will be able to locate more species of animals here in summers rather than the winters. You can spot numerous tapirs here, I was able to spot a tapir and the mom together sleeping, I would say never have seen something so beautiful and majestic before. Apart from the animals, you will find over 200 species of birds here and the most gawking part is that they are not caged and stalk doesn’t fly away from the zoo. They perhaps enjoy the natural habitat provided to them. It is a treat.

Novgorod – Enjoy the Cultural Trip with Family

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The country of Russia has existed since the sixteenth century. However, Novgorod is in existence since the ninth century. I discovered that the city has a long history, inside, as well as outside of Russia. You should not confuse it with Nizhny Novgorod. There are many things to check when out when you visit this city. Some of these things have been mentioned below.

Visit the Kremlin

If you haven’t ever visited Russia, you might not know that kremlin actually means a citadel. The Kremlin of this city might not be as ornate as Moscow but it is worth checking out. Since I visited during the summer month, I was able to catch a glimpse of the Volkhov River. You will find it flowing outside the walls.

Rent Rollerblades or a Bike

The city center is a walkable distance. However, exploring the attractions on wheels makes it much more fun. At the city center, you will be able to check out some of the ancient attractions. So, rent a rollerblade or at least a bike to make the trip more enjoyable.

Travel Back in Time

Like mentioned earlier, it had been founded almost 700 years before the establishment of first Tsarist State. However, there are still some physical evidence of it. Rurikovo Gorodische is about a mile from the city center. This is where it all began. It was a thrilling experience to visit the place where the city came into being.

Visit Churches

To spend some relaxing and peaceful time, visit the churches. The city is filled with them. It is one of the top things to do when you are in this city. Yuriev Monastery is one church that you should not miss out on. It has been declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Again, you will find St. Sophia’s Cathedral that is built inside a Kremlin.