Newfoundland: Experiencing Fun Things to do

Posted on 11 May 2019 (0)

I found Newfoundland to be unique than the rest of the parts of Canada. Trust me when I say that it is a great place to explore. As a matter of fact, the locals are so friendly and hospitable that you are never going to feel out of place. There are various kinds of things to do and see in here. Take a quick look at some of them.

Explore the Village

The Cupers Cove had been established by John Guy for almost 400 years. The view that it offers is just spectacular. It is situated at the center of the Conception Bay on the east coast of Newfoundland. It is a historical site that displays the life of John Guy. This is the best place to visit with your partner.

Check out the Pop-Art House

There is a small community that I came across at the entrance of the Newfoundland harbor. It had been developed as the temporary resident following the devastating fire. The colors of the houses are bright and eye-popping. I and my partner went hiking. It was a unique experience. Get to know about the culture and habits of the local people.

Learn About the Lighthouse

Being developed in 1843, the symbolic white and red striped lighthouse at the dark-grey rock is a great sight to behold. This is one amongst the handfuls that still remains in the world. Climbing the top, we were able to see the light that is fueled by oil. This was used during ancient times. It marked the entrance of Trinity and Bonavista bays for helping out mariners who were headed to Labrador. Standing on top, you will also get to see the blue water. Spend some time quite a time here. I was told about this place as a recommended place to visit by a chiropractor friend in Anchorage who runs Alaska Back Care Center.  Dr. Barry is an avid traveler and had mentioned this stop to me and I am so glad to have committed to visiting.  This was surely worth the visit.

San Luis Potosi The City Of Museum

Posted on 01 February 2019 (0)

Being the central city in Mexico, San Luis Potosi becomes one of the places to be visited. It used to be the major gold as well as a silver mining hub on the Camino Real de Tierra. When I visited this city, I was impressed by the Colonial buildings like the one baroque-era Templo de San Francisco. Just near to this place is Templo Del Carmen that has ornately carved façade. This city has a lot of museums and is also a gateway to Real de Catorce to the north, which is now a pilgrimage site.

There are many places in San Luis Potosi that are a must see:


  • Nacional De La Máscara Museum


This place is a must visit if you happen to travel to this city, it is dedicated to the masked dance of Mexico. It is present on the Plaza del Carmen.


  • San Luis Potosí Cathedral


If you are in a mood to visit some religious place, then this one is a beautiful cathedral. Also known as St. Louis the King Cathedral, this one is a Catholic cathedral functioning as the seat of San Luis Potosí’s Archdiocese of Mexico.


  • Museo Laberinto De Las Ciencias Y Las Artes


Another museum is in San Luis which is a great attraction. If you are an art lover, then this place is made for you. You can enjoy exhibits related to science, technology as well as art. This is basically a contemporary museum offering unique spaces along with interactive exhibits. I personally like this museum a lot.

Apart from these, there are a lot of other museums in this city. Museo Regional Potosino, Museo Federico Silva, Museo Del Virreinato to name a few. This city also offers Plazas and parks among others. I, being a museum lover have always been a regular visitor to this place.

San Cristobal De Las Casas In Mexico: The Most Wonderful Things To Do

Posted on 23 January 2019 (0)

When you come to doing things in San Cristobal, believe me, you are never going to run out of options. Irrespective of whether you like culture, adventure, or adventure, there is something for everybody out there.

San Cristobal, Mexico is a peaceful town which is also known as Tzotzil. You will find a really cold temperature here. In case you are planning to visit any time soon, check out my guide to have the most wonderful experience.

  • Walk the Nooks and Crannies Aimlessly

This city is a lively and cheerful town. The people here have a cultural flair because of the old colonial heritage. There are many streets present here that are for pedestrians and will give the glimpse of incredible architecture which oozes culture and history. This is the reason I decided to walk within the city randomly and it was an amazing experience. This city becomes lively during the night time. If you buy any textiles or handicrafts while taking a walk make sure you bargain.

  • Visit the Many Temples and Churches

Just as the rest of the Latin American cities, San Cristobal isn’t any exception regarding religion. The local people are religious and have developed many cathedrals and churches around the town. These cathedrals and churches have interesting architecture. Every temple that you come across is excellent and also the most important eco-tourism destination. However, in 2017 several of them were closed for some renovation work due to the damaged caused by the earthquake.

  • Visit El Cañon Del Sumidero

Take the boat trip on Sumidero Canyon; this is the main attraction of the city. This is taken to be the most crucial destination eco-tourism. It is very close to the city and is a spectacular place to be. You can experience the beautiful nature of Chiapas in here.

Manzanillo: Experience A Fun-Filled Trip

Posted on 15 January 2019 (0)

Manzanillo is nestled on the waters of the Pacific coast. Being a beach-person, this place was a must-visit for me. I enjoyed everything that this area had to offer. Since I am adventurous, I loved the wild activities such as getting to the top of the local mountain with an off-road ATV. I also went for snorkeling. If you feel like, it is too much to plan on your own; you can take the help of my small guide around the city.

  • Go sport fishing

Being the sailfish capital of the world, it has some of the best sports fishing. Irrespective of whether you are looking for swordfish, sailfish, or marlin, there are many boats which will take you throughout the day. Manzanillo is home to several fishing tournaments. At times, the prizes also include boats and houses. People come in from all over the world from the tournament.

  • Visit Colima

Colima is thriving and clean city. As I drove down the paved boulevard it offered a good sense of the rich city of Mexico. This city has some of the best shopping centers. Jardín Libertad is an old square. Here, you will be able to check out Basilica Menor cathedral with several beautiful mural paintings by Jorge Chávez Carrillo, the local artist. You can check out the best urban shopping that is just a block away from the pavilion.

  • Visit Comala

Comala is just a few miles from Colima. However, it offers a different take on the Mexican life. The historic town is completely painted in a while. The walking streets that are paved in river rock are just like taking a step back in time. You can stop to eat or drink just beside the main plaza of Benito Juarez at Don Comalon. From here, you will also get a view of the cathedral and the main square.  

Four Reasons Why Edirne is The Best City to Visit

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Do you like visiting Turkey? A lot of people do. The word itself elicits traveling urges to many. There are diverse places you can visit and learn history in this remarkable city. Edirne was known initially as Adrianople, and as the word denotes, it was founded by the Romans. There are no longer Romans influences here; even the name has changed. If you like visiting places where the Ottoman Empire had control, you will find Edirne captivating. The following sites will make your visit memorable.

The Selimiye Mosque

An Ottoman architect called Minar Koca Sinan designed this mosque in 1569. It is so spectacular that it is already a world heritage site. It features a 71-meter tall minaret competing with the Istanbul’s Aya Sofya.  The highest point of Edirne city is in this mosque. You can find many visitors in its court. The majority (not surprising) are tourists. This monument is the best place to study Ottoman Empire in Edirne.

The Health Museum of Edirne

You might not know, but medieval medicine was as effective as modern medicine-or maybe better. The beautiful Edirne Darussifa (hospital) and its medical school (Medressesi) will fill you with wonder. If you think medicine started in the West, you are very wrong. You can learn a lot about the origin of Islamic medicine in this museum. Study the innovative and scientific sound treatment invented by medieval doctors as early as 1400 AD. To cap it all, you will be amazed by how the doctors and patients wore when you see the mannequins dressed like doctors and patients in the Ottoman Era. It is so sad that you will not get a medieval specialist here.

The Macho Sport of Edirne

If you happen to be in Turkey in late June (you should try), do not fail to visit Edirne. Many converses here in late June and early July to enjoy testosterone charging annual macho game. It all started in 1363 when Sultan Orhan Gazi wanted to conquer Domuz, a Byzantine fortress. All the forty soldiers he sent were professional wrestlers. They challenge each other and two were equally strong. These two continued wrestling for days. There was no clear winner because they both dropped dead one day during competition. Do not worry; you will see no dead wresters in the game.

The Sultan Beyazit Mosque

At the banks of the Tunca River is a splendid monument to behold. The Sultan Beyazit Mosque is a spectacular building which was built in 1484 AD. It is not just a mosque; it has travelers hostel, an asylum, a medical school, and a hospital. Compared with today’s buildings, you can say it is one gigantic mall. You can walk to this complex from the city center.


Edirne charm is in its history. You can learn a lot of ancient values and activities by a single visit to this Turkish city. Like all cities where Ottoman Empire thrived, Edirne will amaze you due to its many iconic monuments.