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Manzanillo: Experience A Fun-Filled Trip

Posted on 15 January 2019 by admin (0)

Manzanillo is nestled on the waters of the Pacific coast. Being a beach-person, this place was a must-visit for me. I enjoyed everything that this area had to offer. Since I am adventurous, I loved the wild activities such as getting to the top of the local mountain with an off-road ATV. I also went for snorkeling. If you feel like, it is too much to plan on your own; you can take the help of my small guide around the city.

  • Go sport fishing

Being the sailfish capital of the world, it has some of the best sports fishing. Irrespective of whether you are looking for swordfish, sailfish, or marlin, there are many boats which will take you throughout the day. Manzanillo is home to several fishing tournaments. At times, the prizes also include boats and houses. People come in from all over the world from the tournament.

  • Visit Colima

Colima is thriving and clean city. As I drove down the paved boulevard it offered a good sense of the rich city of Mexico. This city has some of the best shopping centers. Jardín Libertad is an old square. Here, you will be able to check out Basilica Menor cathedral with several beautiful mural paintings by Jorge Chávez Carrillo, the local artist. You can check out the best urban shopping that is just a block away from the pavilion.

  • Visit Comala

Comala is just a few miles from Colima. However, it offers a different take on the Mexican life. The historic town is completely painted in a while. The walking streets that are paved in river rock are just like taking a step back in time. You can stop to eat or drink just beside the main plaza of Benito Juarez at Don Comalon. From here, you will also get a view of the cathedral and the main square.