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Newfoundland: Experiencing Fun Things to do

Posted on 11 May 2019 by admin (0)

I found Newfoundland to be unique than the rest of the parts of Canada. Trust me when I say that it is a great place to explore. As a matter of fact, the locals are so friendly and hospitable that you are never going to feel out of place. There are various kinds of things to do and see in here. Take a quick look at some of them.

Explore the Village

The Cupers Cove had been established by John Guy for almost 400 years. The view that it offers is just spectacular. It is situated at the center of the Conception Bay on the east coast of Newfoundland. It is a historical site that displays the life of John Guy. This is the best place to visit with your partner.

Check out the Pop-Art House

There is a small community that I came across at the entrance of the Newfoundland harbor. It had been developed as the temporary resident following the devastating fire. The colors of the houses are bright and eye-popping. I and my partner went hiking. It was a unique experience. Get to know about the culture and habits of the local people.

Learn About the Lighthouse

Being developed in 1843, the symbolic white and red striped lighthouse at the dark-grey rock is a great sight to behold. This is one amongst the handfuls that still remains in the world. Climbing the top, we were able to see the light that is fueled by oil. This was used during ancient times. It marked the entrance of Trinity and Bonavista bays for helping out mariners who were headed to Labrador. Standing on top, you will also get to see the blue water. Spend some time quite a time here. I was told about this place as a recommended place to visit by a chiropractor friend in Anchorage who runs Alaska Back Care Center.  Dr. Barry is an avid traveler and had mentioned this stop to me and I am so glad to have committed to visiting.  This was surely worth the visit.